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Ostrich Feathers

We offer three different types of ostrich feathers that range in size, shape and colour - Drab Feathers, Floss Feathers and Plume Feathers. The Plume Feathers are also available for hire.

Ostrich feathers and plumes have become one of the hottest trends for weddings and special events. Displayed in vases for centrepieces or added into floral arrangements gives a great effect.

They are also popular for craft projects, mask making, hat feathers, threatre costumes, decoration and much more. Click on links below for more information and to purchase or hire >>>
Costume Ostrich Feathers
Wedding breakfast Ostrich Feathers
Entry Way ostrich feathers
Wedding Cake Ostrich Feathers
Wedding breafast ostrich feathers
Fancy Dress Ostrich Feathers
Costume Ostrich Feathers
Costume Ostrich Feathers
Costume Ostrich Feathers
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